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Member Feature #5

1. Twice a month. On the Wednesdays of the first and third FULL weeks of that month.
Example : February 8th, 2012 and February 22nd 2012 are both Wednesdays of the first full week and the third week of February.
2. Blog on the two artists.
3. Post thumbs of some of their art.
4. Get them more page views.
5. I the Founder will submit these.


The two deviantart members of this group that I'm featuring this time are.

:iconnigzblackman: has been a deviant for 5 years.
Has an okay following. :p Has 22,000 page views. Definitely should get more views if you ask me.
Nick Fever Printed by Nigzblackman and :thumb185581060: are examples of very well done deviations.
Nigz :XD: First of all his name is awesome. 2nd his art style is nice. It seems more original and reminds me of "The proud Family" or "Bebes kids" with a hint of anime. Too many other artists are riding the anime look a little too much. Finally I'm thinking he might become a Co-Founder but I'm not sure. He's contributed a lot :nod: and he did do a good job explaining some truths about the group to :icongul0gul0: Hmmm :p


:iconalexander-rowe: has been on D.A. for 4 years.
Has a pretty good following. :-) Has just under 80,000 page views. :w00t:
I'm the f-ckin' man, y'all don't get it, do ya? by Alexander-Rowe and New York redesign sketches by Alexander-Rowe are are some of my favorite deviations of hers.
One of the newer members of :iconblack--men: Definitely feeling her style of drawing. Everybody should check out her gallery and her comic series. It has funny shit like this ---> I :lol: :iconxd--plz: :giggle: reminds me of the Maury Povich episode. :iconlaugh-plz:

I would also like to add that I am so thankful that this group has had a noticeable influx of women(especially black women) joining as members. :clap::clap::clap:


Member feature details here ----->…

Last weeks Member feature blog here ----->…

Next member feature blog will be two weeks from now on , April 18, 2012 and , May 2, 2012. :-)
Nigzblackman Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2012  Professional General Artist
haha thanks for the feature =) I wouldn't mind being Co-founder and I always like to try to help out and help the group grow as a whole.

I had actually never heard of ether of those shows till you brought it up haha but looking at it yeah my style is a mix of Disney and anime because I was raised on both but i try to do my own thing =)

:iconalexander-rowe: is a pretty awesome artist as well ^^
Alexander-Rowe Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I must follow the other person! And thank you so very much for the feature. It made me laugh so hard. THis made me feel so much better, since you know I'm sick and everything. Great way to brighten my otherwise shitty day. Thank you!
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April 4, 2012


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